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Scimeca's Online Retail Market & Deli

Scimeca's Online Retail Market & Deli

Food & Produce Vendor

About Us

Scimeca’s Online Retail Market and Deli provides the Kansas City community with quality and specialty Italian deli, domestic and imported market items, as well as Nationwide shipping of Kansas City’s finest Italian Sausage and authentic Italian products. For over 25 years, Scimeca’s Italian Sausage Company has produced and distributed specialty Italian products to grocery stores and restaurants in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Scimeca’s Italian Sausage recipe is passed down over 4 generations and this business venture expands our reputation of quality ingredients and products beyond our community. Over the past several years, loyal customers share fond memories of the Scimeca’s name brand, where customers become friends and friends become family! In response to this nostalgia, and with the ability to now ship Scimeca’s Italian products Nationwide, Scimeca’s Online Retail Market and Deli was born in July 2020 as a homage to the Scimeca family’s success and reputation in Kansas City. We offer a modern-day solution with a throwback feel to the original Scimeca’s Market. For the first time in the family’s 100-year history of serving Kansas City, we are passionate about offering an online store of quality Italian foods across the country directly to the front door! In addition to our local deli, market, and online store, we offer top-notch catering for all-size events as well as customized gift baskets ideal for individual and corporate gifts. Whether you dine-in, carry-out, or order for delivery, Scimeca's friendly staff will make you feel like family.