Davis Paint Co.


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About Us

Davis Paint Co., located at 1311-1345 Iron St in North Kansas City, is a supplier of paint and related products to contractors, painters, and homeowners. They offer a range of products, from interior and exterior paint to wallpaper and window coverings.

Since 1921 Davis Paint company has been known for top quality paint and coatings for the homeowner, contractor, architect and industrial user. At Davis the quality goes into the product before the product goes in the can. We believe if you make a great product, customers will find you, and for over 85 years Davis has.

Davis manufactures multiple lines of paint: Davis Architectural Paint, Davis Industrial Coatings, Cook Consumer Paint, SAHARA Swimming Pool Paint, Eli Weatherby's Exterior Wood Stains, Master Painter Contractor Coatings and top quality Hold-Tite house paint house paint.


  • Davis Architectural Paint
  • Davis Industrial Coatings
  • SAHARA Swimming Pool Paint
  • Eli Weatherby's Exterior Wood Stains
  • Master Painter Contractor Coatings